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Rongrong DeVoe is available for commercial commission work and live sketch events of all kinds, clients including fashion/beauty companies, PR/marketing firms, advertising agencies, magazines and weddings. To book Rongrong, please submit the form to the right. Thank you!

Due to her schedule, she is not be able to take on personal commissions.

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1259 Bonner Street
Houston, TX, 77007
United States

Rongrong DeVoe is a freelance fashion and lifestyle illustrator based in Houston, TX, US. Serving New York, London, Paris and worldwide. Her fashion Illustration has been featured on Vogue, InStyle and Buzz Feed. Her clients include Chanel, Dior, Neiman Marcus, Target, Maybelline etc. She also live sketch runway models during New York Fashion Week. She is available for various kinds of fashion, editorial and commercial illustrations as well as live sketching at fashion parties/events.



Welcome to Rongrong Devoe's fashion illustration blog. In this blog, you will see the latest updates of my fashion and beauty illustration projects, my illustration commissions, my fashion sketch tutorials, and live sketching events. 

You ask, I answer- My inspirations and tips for fashion illustration

Rongrong DeVoe

Fashion sketch by Rongrong DeVoe using copic markers

Hi my friends! I just answered questions you asked on Instagram a few weeks ago. Sorry this took a little bit longer than I expected. Hope you find what you are looking for and hopefully these will help you with your creative journey.

How did you get started? Favorite mediums? Favorite season? - calligraphycult

I started to learn how to draw when I was 7. My parents were so busy they sent me to art, dance & sports after school to fill my time until they finished work to pick me up.

I do not have one favorite medium tool. I use different tools based on the subject and my mood at that moment.

My favorite season is Fall. Who doesn't love Fall? Many romantic stories happen in fall :-)

Jeans and polka dots fashion wall art via Rongrong Illustration

Jeans and polka dots fashion wall art via Rongrong Illustration


I would love to see your process from sketch to finished picture. Have you thought of doing YouTube videos? I would also love to see your fave techniques and how you learnt and practiced them. - bellapolkadots

This is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I am preparing to do a YouTube video shortly and will share it with you all.

I do not have a favorite tool. I use different tools based on my mood and clients preference.

There are a few videos I found from fellow illustrators which can be very useful:

1, Illustrating Your Favorite Runway Looks with PaperFashion

2, How to Paint Fashion Illustrations for beginners- A Fashion Watercolor Illustration (time lapse)

3, How to do fashion sketches step by step

Yes I need all help I can get. I am learning how to draw people and I can't get it right - mylifeasacraftartist

I recommend to start sketching from magazines. Just use pencil, no need to worry about colors and patterns.

When I started I found this book very useful:

Fashion Illustration: Inspiration and Technique

Finding inspirations from fashion magazines like People Style Watch

Finding inspirations from fashion magazines like People Style Watch


How did you start getting your work into magazines etc? how to make yourself known apart from social media. Do you scan your work sometimes when you put it on instagram? how do you make it look so neat! do you edit any marks etc? - giselaillustrations

I have not done much magazine work as they have recently decreased their requests for editorial illustrations. If this is what you are looking to break into I would recommend mailing postcards of your work to art directors and follow up with an email. This is not a one time thing, it needs to be consistent, I recommend every three months. In addition to social media, I think a professional website and nicely designed business card are also very important. They show how professional you are. Go to many meet-ups, art/craft shows and introduce yourself to other designers and customers. This can be a great way to spread the name.

I scan my work to post on Instagram sometimes, sometimes I don't. When I scan, I do adjust my work in Photoshop such as  clean up marks and dirt.

Sketches after scan and photoshop

Sketches after scan and photoshop


What is your step by step drawing process and how do you come up with ideas? - hana_chots

I am preparing a YouTube video of my step by step, soon I will share it with you:-)

Sometimes I find ideas from trending events such as NYFW or trending holidays such as National donuts day!! I also draw things that I think my audiences can related to, such as Monday Coffee, TGIF Friday, Sunday brunch etc. Anything that can make people happy , It is my goal. When in doubt, draw shoes!!

Hello, I love your illustrations they're gorgeous! I was wondering if you would be willing to share some of your process. I am looking to sell some of my art work but I am not too sure how artists get their art printed. Do you sketch each individual copy or do you have 1 primary drawing that you get printed to ship to your customers? If so, where are some good places to get high quality prints? Thank you, your tips would be much appreciated :)- Danielle

I have my originals and then I scan them into the computer. I clean up the file and make them different sizes such as 5x7, 8x10, 11x14... I have a professional printer at home so I can print high quality inkjet prints  and ship to customers worldwide. 

Leopard heels fashion wall art via Rongrong Illustration

Leopard heels fashion wall art via Rongrong Illustration


Hope these tips and videos will help. In the meantime, stay tuned for my upcoming tutorial video. Feel free to visit my Etsy shop, Instagram or comment below if you have any questions:-)

Until next time,