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Rongrong DeVoe is available for commercial commission work and live sketch events of all kinds, clients including fashion/beauty companies, PR/marketing firms, advertising agencies, magazines and weddings. To book Rongrong, please submit the form to the right. Thank you!

Due to her schedule, she is not be able to take on personal commissions.

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Rongrong DeVoe is a freelance fashion and lifestyle illustrator based in Houston, TX, US. Serving New York, London, Paris and worldwide. Her fashion Illustration has been featured on Vogue, InStyle and Buzz Feed. Her clients include Chanel, Dior, Neiman Marcus, Target, Maybelline etc. She also live sketch runway models during New York Fashion Week. She is available for various kinds of fashion, editorial and commercial illustrations as well as live sketching at fashion parties/events.


Live sketch events for La Prairie Skin Care


Welcome to Rongrong Devoe's fashion illustration blog. In this blog, you will see the latest updates of my fashion and beauty illustration projects, my illustration commissions, my fashion sketch tutorials, and live sketching events. 

Live sketch events for La Prairie Skin Care

Rongrong DeVoe

It was a busy Feburary! I teamed up with La Prairie did four live sketch events to celebrate their new product CELLULAR RADIANCE  launch in US. The brand requires to use gold paint as the media since the product includes real gold. This is my first travel project. I went to San Diego and Chicago besides other two events in Houston. I am so excited to share this wonderful experience with you. I hope you enjoy!

First stop! San Diego!

I always love to do these cut outs of my sketches on Instagram when I travel.

La Prairie live sketch event at Neiman Marcus San Diego by-fashion-illustrator-Rongrong-DeVoe--1


La-Prairie-live-sketch-event-at-Saks fifth avenue-Houston-by-fashion-illustrator-Rongrong-DeVoe--1
La-Prairie-live-sketch-event-at-Saks fifth avenue-Houston-by-fashion-illustrator-Rongrong-DeVoe--2
La-Prairie-live-sketch-event-at-Saks fifth avenue-Houston-by-fashion-illustrator-Rongrong-DeVoe--3

Chicago! Here I come!!

Fashion illustration inspired by Chicago fashion by illustrator Rongrong DeVoe
Fashion Illustrator Rongrong DeVoe.JPG
La-Prairie-live-sketch-event-at-Saks fifth avenue-Chicago-by-fashion-illustrator-Rongrong-DeVoe--1
La-Prairie-live-sketch-event-at-Saks fifth avenue-Chicago-by-fashion-illustrator-Rongrong-DeVoe--2
La-Prairie-live-sketch-event-at-Saks fifth avenue-Chicago-by-fashion-illustrator-Rongrong-DeVoe--3

It was such a wonderful experience to be able to work with La Prairie! I love doing live sketch events where I meet so many different people hearing their stories and see their smiles while getting their own sketches! 

Hope I can see you sometime soon at my next event!

At the mean time, stay connect on Instagram  and stop by my shop to see some new arrivals!

See you soon!